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Savn is a german group

Here is one of there songs The Demons in me

Savn ([Savn] Norwegian Deprivation) is a Norwegian trio of gothic metal and folk metal, formed in 2013 in the city of Bryne, Rogaland by Stig Johansen, Anders Thue and Carmen Elise Espenæs.


After more than a decade of inactivity in the study (after editing their second album Perpetual Desolation in 2000) classic gothic band The Sins Of Thy Beloved official its definitive separation in 2013, with years of rumors about a possible reunion that never came .

In early 2013, the band's drummer and keyboardist Stig Johansen Anders Thue then decided to make a new project together, which Johansen dubbed "Savn" (translated both in the sense of "loss" or "desire"), as a reference to his years outside the musical medium. 2 Originally, both had a vision for Sayn more contemporary to his old group.

The multi instrumentalist Johansen contacted Midnattsol vocalist and longtime friend, Carmen Elise Espenæs and asked him to sing a theme Savn disk. Espenæs Johansen and Thue accepted and were delighted with the end result, so she was invited to sing on the entire disk. Because Midnattsol was inactive for about two years due to personal commitments of its components (including Carmen was a new mother), the artist had sufficient reason to join this new project put to him.



Although she came at a time when most of the songs were already composed, had complete freedom creatively to the point of rewriting some letters contributing their own ideas about how they should sound. Later, the trio also wrote some songs as a group and so were accredited. In mid-2013, Savn was the first band signed with CDR Records, an independent record label based in Stavanger, Norway. The label was founded in February 2013.


Savn met immediately in the Mastersound Studio in Germany with songs composed and rehearsed some time ago, to record with producer Alexander Krull German. Although Johansen can play most instruments (drums, bass and guitars), Krull invited musicians from his band Leaves' Eyes to record as an accompaniment: the guitarists Sander van der Meer and Thorsten Bauer, drummer Felix Born and vocalist Liv Kristine (older sister Carmen and wife of Alexander).

Johansen took over the guitar and the male voice, Thue on keyboards and Espenæs on lead vocals. The band received the collaboration in the study of additional artists, including violinists Dag Bjørkedal and Lillian Hodne, as well as the German singer Michelle "Darkness" Huber (End of Green). The result of their work was the publication of his debut album self titled Savn launched by CDR Records in April 2014 in Europe, and in May of that year in North America. This record his single and video "Hang On" was removed. 3 The video was filmed near Stavanger, and was directed by producer Leo Moracchioli Leap Frog Studios. In September 2014, the band announced that their official (CDR Recrods) distributor went bankrupt. Therefore, all his (physical or downloadable) products were put on Bandcamp online store operated by Backstreet Merch in the UK.

Musical Style

Savn has a very commercial sound, with many influences from gothic metal classic 90s and 2000s, with abundant reminiscent of the early years of Theatre of Tragedy in some moments- (as in "The Demons In Me" or "Now Or Never" ) and prominent folk elements ("Musical Silence", "All I Want" or "I Am Free"), but surprisingly also features a heavy rock oriented album, which makes him not to be typecast as the "typical" Gothic metal with girl in front. Their sound is essentially folk metal, with a mix of traditional Norwegian instruments and heavy metal, where the piano and violins prevails. The music is warm and optimistic while the lyrical concepts invite you to travel and embrace the soul, very different from the usual dark and gloomy gender issues.


    Carmen Elise Espenæs - Voice

     Stig Johansen - Guitar, guttural voice

     Anders Thue - Keyboards

Carmen Elise Espenæs (born on 30 September 1983 in Stavanger, Norway) is the vocalist and the co-founder of the German symphonic/folk metal band Midnattsol. She is also the vocalist of Savn. Her older sister is Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull, singer of the metal bands Theatre of Tragedy and Leaves' Eyes.


Carmen Elise Espenæs had some musical training in native Stavanger and performed in unprofessional local bands, at the same time writing her first songs. Her predilection for heavy metal music was influenced by her father, who was a fan of Ozzy Osbourne, and by her sister's band mates of Theatre of Tragedy.  She transferred in Germany in 2002 to stay with her sister and met guitarist Christian Hector, with whom she founded the symphonic metal and folk metal band Midnattsol. Hector recruited his former band mates in Penetralia, drummer Chris Merzinsky and keyboard player Daniel Fischer, and later Daniel Droste as guitarist and Birgit Öllbrunner as bassist. The band recorded a demo and obtained a record deal with Napalm Records, producing three albums as of 2011. Carmen Elise writes most of the lyrics for the band and contributes to the music composition. In September 2004, Espenæs was offered by British extreme metal band Cradle of Filth the chance to be part of their live tour supporting the album Nymphetamine, on which her sister had sung; however, due to commitments with her band and her studies, Espenæs declined such request.

Carmen Elise's voice and career was often compared and associated to her sister Liv Kristine's musical achievements as a solo artist and singer in Theatre of tragedy and Leaves' Eyes. At first this fact helped Carmen Elise and Midnattsol to be recognized by the public, but now she insists on being judged on her merits and not for her sister's laurels. In 2013 it was announced that Carmen Elise with The Sins of Thy Beloved members Anders Thue and Stig Johansen had formed the band called Savn.

Personal life

Besides her musical activities, Carmen Elise Espenæs works as a language and music teacher. In 2012, she became a mother for the first time to a baby girl on her birthday.

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