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Nádine is a well known South African singer

Here is one of Nádine song's This time I Know It's For Real

Nádine Hoffeldt born in Johannesburg, February 28th, 1982 is a South African Afrikaans singer, best known for the hit song "Kaapse Draai". She has also recorded a number of songs in English.


Life and career

Beginning her career as a teenager in 1996, Nádine has released eight albums and one DVD, with two certified platinum and four more certified gold.[citation needed] In 1997 she toured South Africa with Dutch singer Jan Smit, when her then manager Ian Bossert brought him to the country. She also performed at the "Two Nations" concert in 1997, along with the Spice Girls and Billy Ocean, for an audience that included Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles.

Nádine released her seventh solo album, Mense soos jy, in September 2005. Her Nádine 10 Years Live was nominated for Best DVD in the 2006 South African Music Awards (SAMA). To date, each of Nádine's albums has produced a successful song,[who?] with the latest being "Made Up My Mind". Nádine has now released her eighth album, As Jy Wonder, produced by international songwriter and producer Steve Taylor. She wrote lyrics for many of the album's songs herself.

She commented: "For the past ten years of my career I left the songwriting to the songwriters, but I realize now that you can interpret your own material much better. I co-wrote seven songs with Steve Taylor . . . When I started recording last year it was discovered that I have nodules on my vocal cords and I had to do less shows, talk less (which was very difficult) and also change my way of speaking, laughing and of course singing. I am very grateful that that is now something of the past . . . We worked on the album for ten months and each one of the songs has a special meaning to me."

Nádine has recorded a number of hit songs, including "Dankie liewe Ouma", "Hoor hoe klop my hart", "Kom dans met my", "Latina", "’n Meisiekind wil ek graag bly", "Die Hemel Brand", "Alweer Iemand Anders", "Afrika Spore" and "Vive la Vida". Her best-known song, the ballad "Kaapse Draai", was nominated as one of the top five songs in the 2003 Geraas Musiek Toekenning (GMT) awards, which recognise Afrikaans music. She maintains a busy performance schedule with up to 120 concerts a year. After more than ten years in the South African music industry, she numbers total sales of over 350,000 CDs. In 2008, she was again nominated for the SAMA awards for the album, As Jy Wonder.


In 2010, she released her new album This Time I Know, containing the singles "This Time I Know It's For Real" and "Made Up My Mind", the latter being an English language cover of "Delete" by Younha. Her song "I Can Have You" was covered in Korean by f(x), who titled it "Mr Boogie". She has been promoting the new album within Europe over the past while, mainly in Belgium and Germany, in an attempt to expand her audience and become a more widely recognised singer.


Nádine has become one of the most popular artists in South Africa since the release of her first album more then fifteen years ago. Nádine released her first album at the age of 13. Her crystal clear and moving voice immediately pleased the public. In 1997 Nádine took the stage during Two Nations in Concert, a musical event in Johannesburg which also featured the Spice Girls and Billy Ocean. Today the popular singer has sold over 500.000 cd’s as well as being on the verge of an international break through.

Nádine has won several platinum and golden awards and with over 120 shows a year she is one of the most succesful South African artists. A few years ago her musical career skyrocketed. Nádine travelled to Europe, signing with a Belgian management company and recording a new album with Swedish top producer Nick Manic. “This Time I Know” is an album with breathtaking vocals and tons of hit potential. Examples are the singles “This Time I Know It’s For Real” (ballad), “Made Up My Mind” (pop rock) and “Coming Home” (pop).

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