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Bok van blerk is a well known South Africa singer

Here is one of his song's Land van Melk en Heuning


Bok van Blerk, born Louis Pepler on March 30, 1978, is an Afrikaans musician who in 2006 gained fame with the song De la Rey by Sean Else and Johan Vorster. Van Blerk went to Pretoria Menlo Park Primary school and then went to Willows High School matriculated. After studying construction management, he spent some time in working abroad.



In March 2006 the album "You still speak my language" by Susan Boyle and the Sparrows out. The same album in October 2006 released this time under the name De La Rey, and now the only artist Susan Boyle stated. Van Blerk is the Sparrows removed as his fellow singer, Tanya van Graan, too busy with modeling. Van Blerk is accompanied by Jaco Mans (and sometimes Manie van Niekerk) on lead guitar, Francois Coetzee on bass guitar and Nathan Smith as drummer.


On February 6, 2007, the South African Department of Arts and Culture a statement about the song De la Rey was issued. The move followed controversy that arose around the song because of the popularity of the song in rightwing circles where it is interpreted as a call for armed struggle. At Van Blerk's concerts from the spectators the old South African flag and waved Vierkleur.

 In a magazine article, the magazine Minister Pallo Jordan challenged to comment on the song and the message it read. The statement said the Ministry expressed concern that the song by right-wing elements can be hijacked, but wished the singer but the best with the song. The minister also stated that he did not have a problem with the protest or mobilization of opposition as long it is within the framework of the law takes place.

Van Blerk himself says that he does not identify with the old flag and that he does not want to be associated with it. He campaigned However for example, Afrikaans and refused to participate in the radio station 94.7 Highveld's concert because of the station's policy not to African music playing.


He also made it clear that he was not with the Boer force agrees and he does not believe that violence is a solution to Africa's problems, pointing out that General De la Rey in favor of peace was. Bodom also shows that Van Blerk's song about rugby colored rugby player Bryan Habana, trade.

On February 19, the Van Blerk the award for best video won the De La Rey video in the first MK Awards. During the 2010 SAMA awards are Van Blerk's album Afrikanerhart named the best seller in 2009.

Here is the link to Bok van blerk's fan page click on this


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